At TalentXP, Quality reign supreme! We understand the value of quality deliverables and leave no stone unturned, when it comes to Quality Assurance. We have catered to the global demand for high quality, innovative products and services with quick go-to-market strategies and minimal investment. Partnered with leading technology vendors, we are well positioned to serve our clients latest technology on minimal investments.

TalentXP's testing services help organizations to deliver high value business solutions. Our domain and industry-focused testing services ensure that our client's IT applications meet growing business needs with high performance and availability. By partnering with TalentXP, our clients leverage our in-depth experience in test methodologies, automation frameworks, tools and processes.

We understand that with the advent of Internet, availability of real-time information to the customer has attained utmost priority. The survival of organizations depends on the availability, reliability, timeliness, accessibility and security of application to the user along with ease of use, performance and user friendliness. This has added a lot of stress on the quality of the applications, and the user's confidence in them. Thus testing from being an unfocused, unskilled and low priority process, has now become a strategic phase of the application development cycle, bringing a tremendous value-add to the business.

What we offer
  • Test Strategy.
  • Test Planning & Execution.
  • Test Automation.
Why Outsource Testing?

The competition in the software development market has increased to a huge extent, which has made quality assurance testing such an important process. But it is a fact that a company has to shell out huge amounts of money in order to carry out in-house software testing. This can be reflected in the final product, making it costlier for the end customer. The best way to avoid such a situation is to outsource testing services to offshore destinations. By outsourcing testing a company can realize huge cost savings and also improve efficiency to a great extent.

Outsourced testing offers tangible business benefits. These include independent assessment leading to enhanced delivery confidence, reduced time to market, lower infrastructure investment, predictable software quality, de-risking of deadlines and increased time to focus on designing better solutions.

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